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If Seine-Maritime is a department, Seine-Fluviale is not one: therefore the answer is not on the administrative level. One could then imagine that the distinction between Maritime and Fluviale comes from the influence of the tides on the water level of the Seine...

The "scrubbers" are implemented on vessels to comply with IMO III rules


A "scrubber" is a system for filtering exhaust gases from heavy-fueled ships' engines.


This label belongs to the State, which deposited it with the INPI in 2003 - INPI : Property Office in UK or USPTO in USA.

The attribution of the label is subordinated to the implementation of a project of preservation, management and enhancement of the site, responding to the principles of sustainable development.


The "bridge of Normandy" was commissioned in 1995

Yesterday, the department of the Seine-maritime which begins a little before Rouen and ends in Le Havre had only two bridges over the Seine : the bridge "William the Conqueror" (commissioned in 1970) which connects the right bank to the left bank inside the city of Rouen and the bridge of Tancarville (commissioned in 1959)which connects the Marais-Vernier with Tancarville in the first cove of the Seine when one leaves the bay of Seine.

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The river port of Gennevilliers is located northwest of Paris
The river port of Gennevilliers manages indifferently bulk flows and Container flows
The river port of Gennevilliers is managed by the Port Authority of Paris
The Port Authority of Paris cooperates with its counterparts in Rouen and Le Havre through HAROPA
The river port of Gennevilliers is located at 20 hours of navigation of the port of Le Havre
Beyond Gennevilliers, rare are the coasters designed to pass under the Parisian bridges
Paris Terminal Gennevilliers
PTG for intimates, container terminal
Paris at the crossroads of the cereal regions
The Grands Moulins de Paris and their silos are logically located on the port of Gennevilliers
The Seine and its tributaries, a magnificent tool under exploited to move large volumes of bulk of all kinds
The Seine watershed makes fluvial a preferred transport mode of green transportation to supply Rouen with cereals
The coaster SEA CHARENTE shot nearby Bridge of Tancarville on the Seine Maritime
The format of the coaster SEA CHARENTE allows it to reach river port of Genevilliers