The Norman Region, it is 3.3 millions inhabitants

The Normandy region in 2018, it is 5 departments :

  • Seine-Maritime (76),
  • Eure (27),
  • Calvados (14),
  • Manche (50) and
  • Orne (61).

Which represent :

- 5.5% of the national territorial area,
- 3.3 million inhabitants,
- 600 km of sea coast,
- 5.2 billion Euros of annual expenses of the 5 County Councils,
- 4.3% of national GDP,
- 36% of GDP spent internationally (second national coverage rate),

The Norman Economy in 2018 is:
- 248 100 companies,
- 3,720 exporting companies,
- 11,600 jobs in R & D,
- 2.9% of French patent applications.

The Norman Economy is based on five major strengths:
- The Seine axis, which represents 28% of the national GDP (591.7 billion Euros),
- The first seafront of the country with the 2 major maritime ports of Le Havre and Rouen connected directly to the capital,
- 12.1% of the national capacity of the power generation and 39.1% of the national refining capacity.
- Tourism with 139 million visits and 5.4 billion euros of tourist consumption,
- The Glass Valley (Bresle Valley) known around the world, mainly through perfumes.


For memory :
Le Havre is the leading French port for container traffic and the second largest port for oil behind Marseille,
Rouen is the leading French and western European exporter of cereals. He is European second behind Romania for Europe as a whole.


All these figures come from the Economic Panorama of the Normandy Region which details them here but in French only. Archive pdf.



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