ACOME is the largest french SCOP (Cooperative and Participative Company)

ACOME is the french largest SCOP. A SCOP is Cooperative and Participative Company, a type of company where each employee is also a shareholder of its company. That SCOP stands in Mortain in Normandy, (department of Manche – 50) for more than 30 years (see exact locatin of Mortain at the bottom of the article).

The Norman Region in figures in 2018 !

The Normandy region in 2018, it is 5 departments :

  • Seine-Maritime (76),
  • Eure (27),
  • Calvados (14),
  • Manche (50) and
  • Orne (61).

Which represent :

- 5.5% of the national territorial area,
- 3.3 million inhabitants,
- 600 km of sea coast,
- 5.2 billion Euros of annual expenses of the 5 County Councils,
- 4.3% of national GDP,
- 36% of GDP spent internationally (second national coverage rate),

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