Glass Valley

The Glass Valley, better known worldwide under its English-language code name, "The Glass Valley", is neither more nor less than the Bresle Valley, a small coastal river 72 km long that has dug the valley that carries its name from upstream of Aumale, via Blangy-sur-Bresle and finally Le Tréport / Mers-les-Bains which border its mouth in the Channel.

This valley has been concentrating for decades on a unique know-how in the work of glass, and more particularly the luxury bottles and bottles in limited series, which allows it today to be known worldwide as "The Glass Valley", that is to say, the place of production of 70% of the world's production of luxury flasks, mainly for the global perfume industry, but not only.


The professional association that brings together all the stakeholders in this center of excellence is called Glass Vallée.

This valley and its know-how shine south to Dieppe (Seine-Maritime), north to Abbeville (Somme) and east to Feuquieres (in the Oise, north-west of the Parisian region). Three departments and two administrative regions.

To measure the extent and diversity of this know-how, follow this link.


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