"Grand Site de France", what is it ?



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This label is a selective and demanding label. It is awarded for a period of 6 years, after the opinion of the Superior Commission of Sites, Perspectives and Landscapes, and the National Network of the "Grands Sites de France".


What does this label translate

It is the recognition of a management in line with the principles of sustainable development, reconciling preservation of the landscape and the "spirit of places", quality of the public reception, participation of the inhabitants and partners in the life of the Grand Site. It may be withdrawn at any time in the event of breach of protection, development, local economic development and visitor respect commitments. The Grands Sites de France network brings together Great Sites which have already obtained the label and others who work to obtain it one day.


Legal existence of the label 

This label belongs to the State, which deposited it at the National Institute of Industrial Property (Instritut National de la Propriété Industrielle - INPI) in 2003. It is managed by the Ministry in charge of Ecology. It is registered with the code of the environment Art. L 341-15-1 since the law of 12 July 2010 on the national commitment for the environment:

"The Grand Site de France label may be awarded by the minister in charge of the sites to a classified site of high notoriety and of frequenting.The attribution of the label is subordinated to the implementation of a project of preservation management and of the development of the site, responding to the principles of sustainable development.The perimeter of the territory concerned by the label may include other municipalities than those including the classified site, as long as they participate in the project, its request, to a local authority, a public establishment, a mixed syndicate or a management body including in particular the local and regional authorities concerned.The allocation decision fixes the duration of the label."

The "Grand Site de France" label is characterized by an emblem: the Grand Site de France logo. This one takes again the symbol of the classified sites which characterizes the policy of protection of the natural monuments and the sites. It represents a camera lens in the center of which we find the hexagon of France. Only labeled sites can use it.



Grand Site de France in Normandy

Etretat (and its cliffs) in Seine-Maritime began the process of obtaining the label. This approach should culminate in 2021.



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