The first thalassotherapy center of the alabaster coast will be built in Fecamp (76400)

Peninsula of Fecamp, next to the Museum of Fisheries, a 4-star hotel will come out of the ground in 2019/2020 with a thalassotherapy center on the top floor of the building, a first in France, offering a breathtaking view of the sea !   Read more...


This real estate project, even if initiated by the current mayor of Fécamp, Marie-Agnès Poussier-Winsback, will be entirely financed by private funds. This project is intended to consolidate tourism in the Fécamp basin, in economic reconversion since the 1980s, when the two flagship activities of the agglomeration disappeared for a century: the cod fishery in the waters of Terre- New as well as the textile industry, mainly from flax, grown locally.

"This is a private project that will not cost a cent to the Fécampois. The City will sell the land. It creates the conditions for hosting a group ready to invest 20 million euros in Fécamp. After receiving three offers in September 2018, the group proposing a high-end project was selected.

Currently the only establishment offering balneotherapy was located in Dieppe in Seine-Maritime. All other establishments are located either in Calvados (14) or in the department of Manche (50).

The new complex Tahalasso & Hotel 4 * will be located on the peninsula of Fecamp


The Fecamp complex unveiled on February 20, 2017 by the Mayor plans a 5-storey building built in U, covered with a fishing net to recall the historic past of the city, with a roof partly planted.

The announced layout of the building is as follows:

- on the ground floor, the reception as well as the technical premises of the building,

- the first floor space will be divided between a restaurant and seminar rooms,

- The 3 following floors will be occupied by a 4-star Mercure hotel (Group Accord) for a total of 95 rooms.

- The fifth and last floor will house the thalassotherapy center (Deep Nature), making this center a pioneer or an exception, depending on the reception that customers will reserve.

On paper, this architectural project is the work of the tandem group Octant and Alain ELIE, well known in the region of Le Havre, among others.

The economic part of the project provides for the creation of about 70 jobs : about forty for the catering part, a big twenty for the thalassotherapy part.


Etretat, too, had such a project in her box. But for the moment, she is beaten in the deadlines of realization. The potential project will then occupy the place of the current large car park which adjoins the seafront (the only remaining available piece of ground in the city center).