The fiftieth anniversary of SEH's logo will disappear

The 50-year-old brand SEH United Hoteliers is bowing out to translate the fundamental changes in the behavior of traveling.

The Relais du Silence, Qualys-Hotel, Inter-Hotel, Ptit-Dej Hotel and Hotels-Chalets de Tradition brands are disappearing in favor of a new brand in six market segments ...

This new brand is called The Originals, Human Hotels & Resorts. It will be declined in:

- The Originals Collection will bring together some thirty luxury hotels with exceptional spirit and character,

- The Originals Relais will bring together intimate and authentic luxury hotels, located in the countryside, by the sea or in the mountains,

- The Originals Boutique will bring together style and personality-themed hotels,

- The Originals City will bring together hotels perfect for a professional and family run,

- The Originals Access will bring together contemporary hotels near major roads,

- The Originals Residence will provide travelers with fully equipped apartments offering all the services of a hotel.


The Originals declination through its new logos


Philippe Marguet, Chairman of the Executive Board of the cooperative hotel group, announces the creation of a website in line with the new expectations of travelers and plans to increase the Group's total of 600 hotels (23 of which have become part of the Group in 2018) to more than 1 000 within 5 years, with an expected distribution of 50% of luxury hotels and 50% of economic range hotels. In 2018, three quarters of the establishments are in France, the others in Europe, Canada and Guyana.

This new website, launched on November 29, 2018, will be based on a CRM that will allow its hotelier members to steer their activity finer by providing them with a better knowledge of their customers, quality management tools and assistance of the Business Intelligence. On the Customer side, it will integrate the TravelClick solution from Amadeus.

The clients' loyalty card will be named The Originals Club

The new loyalty program will be dematerialized and will be called The Originals Club. It currently has over 250,000 members.

In 2018, the SEH United Hoteliers cooperative group was ranked 4th in the ranking of French hotel groups and in first place as a European-level Cooperative Group.

Its purchasing center, The Originals Shop, achieved in 2018 a turnover of 30 million Euros, including a 25% increase in the figure achieved via the website.


The European partners will also follow this mutation of SEH both marketing and digital: among them are the Spanish group Zenit Hotel and the German GreenLine Hotels.


The logos that dissapear in November 2018

The logos of the group SEH which disappear in November 2018