The Logis logo which replaced that of Logis de France in 2008

The International Federation of Logis (Paris - France) decided in 2007 to put an end to the declination, from the Logis brand, of the Logis de France, Logis de Belgique, Logis d'Italia, Logis de Charme and Logis Vélo appellations, etc ... which was a scattering of the brand and undermined the consolidation of its reputation internationally. Only two names officially remain ... 


The International Federation of Logis simplifies its commercial declination


New Logo, new website, new booking software

The International Federation of Logis has therefore decided to keep the Logis brand and only one variation of it : Logis d'Exception. The logo has undergone a restyling but the essential has been preserved. The former website has been replaced by a new one that consolidates the entire range of the Federation, both in France and abroad, based on Amadeus' TravelClick solution. The site is available in French, English, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch, all countries where the brand is present.

The logo  Logis d'Exception, only declination of the brand Logis later than 2007


Logis Group, third on the French market in 2017

In 2017, Logis posted a 4% increase in turnover compared to the previous year, but increased its bookings by 18% to 415 000. Foreign customers accounted for 4% of turnover from the central reservation office.

The Logis Group in 2017 is a third of French hotels with less than 20 rooms, but 60% of independent hotels with less than 10 rooms. That's a total of about 2,000 hotels and 40,000 rooms.


2018 : association with Citotel and birth of "Auberge de Pays" by Logis

In 2018, the Logis brand has come closer to the Citotel brand on the basis of an association to "offer their independent members increased visibility and a strengthened service offering" with the ultimate goal of pooling support services ... And greater visibility on trade shows. It is also an opportunity to launch a loyalty program for companies with the Fidelity Company card.

In 2018, Logis also created the Auberge de Pays by Logis brand, which covers a boutique inn concept for municipalities with fewer than 2,000 inhabitants. The aim is to promote economic dynamism, create social bonds and facilitate the daily life of the inhabitants of the country villages. "The Auberge-boutique must offer at least three types of local services such as, for example: grocery store, bread depot, relay parcel, press point, etc ... as well as an offer of catering and accommodation up to Nine rooms without denying the standards of today in hotels: natural and organic products in the rooms and WiFi connections, coffee machine, fireplace, etc ... through a modern and warm atmosphere imagined by the Logis designers : a hybrid concept that brings together local customers and tourists in the same unique and authentic place ". Extract from the press release available here (in french only).

The logos "Logis" & "Logis Exception" as from 2007


Logis d'Exception, flagship of the brand

In 2019, Logis d'Exception shows only 29 establishments across Europe in the 2 200 establishments listed on the Logishotels website.


"Founded in 1949, the Federation Internationale of Logis hotel-restaurants is established in France, Italy, Germany, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain and in the Netherlands. From one stopover to another, every Logis hotel-restaurant is different, but all share the same spirit and the same values: customised welcome, quality accommodation, regionally-inspired cuisine, friendliness and an invitation to discover" can we read in the Logis history on their website.


Logos that disappeared in 2007

 Former logos of Logis d'Italia and Logis de France that disappeared in 2008