The river cruise boat BOTTICELLI registered 01823123 is one of the 3 boats operated on the Seine between Paris, Giverny, Rouen and Honfleur by the French company CroisiEurope, based in Strasbourg.



M/S BOTTICELLI - ENI 01823123 - CroisiEurope, Strasbourg - France


Alsace Croisières between 1976 and 1997 then rebranded CroisiEurope to mark its international expansion that year, is a French and family company whose business has been river cruise historically. River cruise first on the Rhine, since Strasbourg by birth, then the Danube, the Saone and the Rhone, since all connected to the Rhine. It will attack in 1998 the Russian market (Volga), as vast as that of the Rhine basin, at the same time as that of the Seine between Paris, Rouen and Honfleur, where it will not cease to be present.

Built in 2004, the M/S BOTTICELLI is the sister ship of the M/S SEINE PRINCESS built in 2002. They therefore share the same technical characteristics, only the interior commercial layout varies



CroisiEurope's M/S BOTTICELLI is assigned to navigation on the Seine between Paris and Honfleur


Main specifications of M/S BOTTICELLI

Both built on the same model at the Belgian Meuse & Sambre yard in Beez sur Meuse, their technical characteristics are identical. In terms of interior, the BOTTICELLI is designed to accommodate 154 passengers while the SEINE PRINCESS is only planned for 138.


The M/S BOTTICELLI underwent a complete makeover (interior and exterior) in 2010.


Map of decks and cabin types for the M/S BOTTICELLI by following this link.


Technically, both have the following characteristics :

Length : 110 m

Width : 11,40 m

Draught : 1,30 m

3 decks

Propulsion : 3 x Cummins Marine 4-stroke engines - 6 cylinders of 490 horsepower each for a total developed power of 1,500 kilowatts (1,467 horsepower) for an announced displacement of 1,500 tonnes. Power is transmitted to 3 separate propellers for better comfort on board (less vibration) and better maneuverability.

Bow thruster : 1 (type not specified)

Hourly consumption by boat : 100 L / hour

Fuel : Red diesel (not road) compliant with CE standard 2009/30 / CE (10mg / kg) until 2018 (since, see below)

The boat fills up once a month : 50,000 Liters !


In terms of drinking water, the full is 160 M3 !


The boat has a restaurant and a bar, as well as a dance floor.



The M/S BOTTICELLI is one of the three river cruise ships aligned by CroisiEurope on the Seine 


Greening of the River Cruise industry at CroisiEurope

In 2018, the three vessels operated on the Seine were converted to now use liquid gas instead of non-road diesel.

Ships are also equipped to be able to be powered electrically from Shore when they stop over so that they can shut down the 2 generators on board, in addition to the main engines.

Systems are installed on all of the boat's drinking water points to achieve 30% savings in drinking water on a full… of 160 M3 !




CroisiEurope is no longer solely European, but on a global scale

In 2006/2007, CroisiEurope took the M/S BOTTICELLI across the English Channel to moor it in central London, to make an impression by offering at the time 3 nights in a 3 * hotel

with full board for352 Euros . Not found ashore at the time !


Why this commercial offensive ?   Because England in general and Southampton in particular are major players in the Cruise Market, both maritime and river, both in Europe and worldwide. Because today CroisiEurope is present on almost all the main rivers of the world !   Check out by yourself.



Additional Information :

Webpage of the M/S BOTTICELLI on River Cruise Advisor. If you prefer a video review from the same site on the same ship, that's here !