The British company CMV makes stop in Le Havre various series of steamers. The MAGELLAN ship belongs to the (head of) serie that bears her name as the first one built. The company Cruise & Maritime Voyages is considered as the largest English cruise company in the cruise sector. She is based in Purfleet, Essex - United Kingdom.




The MAGELLAN from CMV passing under Bridge of Tancarville on its way to Rouen



The MAGELLAN cruise ship measures 221 meters by 28 meters and began its maiden voyage on July 13, 1985. She was built by the Aalborg Vaerft shipyard in Alborg, Denmark. This shipyard does not exist anymore but you can find its former location on the map below.

M/V MAGELLAN - IMO 8217881 - from operator CMV just passing by bridge of Tancarville

Her technical specifications in pdf format here.