Ault, Villa Aultia, 4* hotel on the Alabaster Coast

25 rue de la Pêche
80460 Ault Onival
Tel. : +33 3 22 30 04 04


Ault is located on the cliff opposite to Le Treport on the mouth of Bresle river. The Bresle valley is better known in the world as Glass Valley.

Villa Aultia is one of the few 4* hotels in the Somme department and its interior will make you travel in the century of Victor Hugo.




As the name suggests, Villa Aultia is located in the town of Ault, on the heights of the mouth of the Bresle Valley, a coastal river that irrigates the "Glass Valley".

The city of Ault is located north of Mers-les-Bains / Le Tréport and garnered some national (and international) acclaim by being ranked ninth in the fourth edition (2015) of the program "Favorite village of the French ", thanks to its cliffs that "ends" the Alabaster Coast at its northern end before the Côte Picarde begins, then the Côte d'Opale to the Belgian border.

Villa Aultia is an establishment run by two brothers with solid experience in the hotel industry and who have not hesitated to invest in four years of work, to convert this solid traditional home witness of the past, into a unique starry creation. 14 rooms at the start, whose frame was thought to recall the Belle Epoque. And to highlight the link that binds the region to Victor Hugo: "Les Miserables" are part of the town of Montreuil-sur-Mer, which is less than 80 km from Ault. So in 1837, Victor Hugo visits Ault who marks him enough to tell his wife in one of his letters.

It is therefore very logical that this 4 * star hotel has titled its restaurant, the "1837 Victor Hugo", also committing to the quality of the products served as holder of the label Maître Restaurateur.

Close to the royal castle of Eu, the interior of the hotel is decorated according to different themes of the Belle-Epoque decorated with paintings and trompe-l'oeil to ensure the change of scenery of the guests, this atmosphere alone explains that the hotel Villa Aultia has been stamped 4 stars directly without going through the square departure. And classified in the Logis D'exception category. Making this establishment one of the six 4-star hotels in the Somme department. What is more independent.






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